Pine Ridge's Pudelpointer Archive
Note: this 'Archive' page is a work in progress. Pudelpointers will be added randomly as time permits. If errors appear, then please report to

Male Pudelpointers



Dianaland's Adam
PP-000004, color: black

Flik Z Lukavecka
PP-000037, color: brown

Pine Ridge's Quake I
PP-000089, color: brown

Orkus Vom Tecklenburger Land
PP-000321, color: liver


Canale's Boxer
PP-000346, color: black

Evar Z Opcizen
PP-000393, color: brown

Pine Ridge's Marvin
PP-000398, color: liver

Female Pudelpointers


Winterhelle's Dart
PP-001749, color: brown

Flying Dart's Bella
PP-001823, color: brown


Flying Dart's Dixie
PP-000003, color: brown

Flying Dart's Holly
PP-000006, color: brown


Pine Ridge's Sandy I
PP-000099, color: brown

Pine Ridge's Sissy
PP-000100, color: black

Pine Ridge's Ufa
PP-000111, color: brown

Pine Ridge's O'Tessa
PP-000439, color: brown


Pine Ridge's H Nik-Kee-Ta
PP-000832, color: brown

Pine Ridge's Sandy
PP-001097, color: brown

Pine Ridge's Anni
PP-001316, color: black

Pine Ridge's Emma
PP-002496, color: brown


Pine Ridge's Jenna
PP-002608, color: black